Month: November 2013

Faculty Spotlight – Matt Douglas

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Matt Douglas is a Professor in the Biological Sciences department at GRCC and also consults for many other institutions, including the John Ball Park Zoological Society and Frederick Meijer Garden.  He focuses on butterflies, moths, and other insects, especially the Monarch butterflies we know so well here in Michigan.

Matt has traveled extensively throughout the Americas, numerous islands, Europe and Africa (specifically Tanzania) and is driven by his zeal to see new lands, meet new peoples, and observe butterflies and moths.  Though the study of Monarch butterfly migration has been Matt’s specialty, he also travels to see the world and enjoy the company of many current and former students from GRCC’s biodiversity classes, Biology 153 and 154.

We all have a great opportunity to see some of Matt’s adventures tomorrow (yes, tomorrow!), Monday, November 18 from 2-3pm in 333 Calkins where Matt will present a feast of information and images from his travels to Costa Rica, Panama, and Tanzania – butterflies and giraffes and elephants, oh my!

The Armen Awards

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The Armen Awards highlight the practice of service learning at GRCC.  Service learning focuses on linking course learning outcomes with meeting needs in the community.  This is a method of allowing students to gain some real-world experience and creating a greater link between GRCC and the surrounding community.

The Armen Awards is a competition event in which teams of faculty and students design service learning projects that bring together course outcomes, institutional learning outcomes, and the needs of community partners.

This year, eight proposals have been submitted for consideration:

  • *Hope Hagan and her Business & Technical Writing course is partnering with the Covenant House.
  • *Aleta Anderson and her Introductory German course is partnering with Palmer Elementary School.
  • *Sarah Krajewski and her Biology for Educators course is partnering with Immaculate Heart of Mary School.
  • *Dr. Kate Byerwalter and her Child Psychology course is partnering with Family Promise.
  • *Dr. Sherry Knoppers and her Community Transcultural Nursing course is partnering with South East Outreach Ministry.
  • *Gayl Beals and his Automotive Job Training course is partnering with Mel Trotter Ministries.
  • *Jolanta Lanier and her Personal Health course is partnering with the American Cancer Society.
  • *Bethane Talsma and her Office Ethics and Etiquette course is partnering with Gilda’s Club.

For more information on service learning and the Armen Awards, click here:

Faculty Spotlight – Rad Tech

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It’s National Radiologic Technology Week!

X-rays were discovered by German physicist Wilhelm Roentgen in 1895 and National Rad Tech week is celebrated each November to commemorate that discovery and recognize the work  of radiologic technologists across the country.

GRCC’s Radiologic Technology Program hosted a Toy Clinic with the Preschool Program on October 31 in Julie Lackscheide’s Radiographic Positioning class.  The second year Rad Tech students and their “bone buddy” preschoolers toured the lab while learning about the equipment, played Halloween games, matched up bones with their own body outlines, and decorated skeletons.

The Rad Tech students gained additional knowledge with the pediatric population while being able to introduce the preschoolers to the health care setting and learn about bones.  At the end of the clinic, each “bone buddy” took home a radiograph of a toy they brought with them to be seen at the clinic.