Faculty Spotlight – Matt Douglas

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Matt Douglas is a Professor in the Biological Sciences department at GRCC and also consults for many other institutions, including the John Ball Park Zoological Society and Frederick Meijer Garden.  He focuses on butterflies, moths, and other insects, especially the Monarch butterflies we know so well here in Michigan.

Matt has traveled extensively throughout the Americas, numerous islands, Europe and Africa (specifically Tanzania) and is driven by his zeal to see new lands, meet new peoples, and observe butterflies and moths.  Though the study of Monarch butterfly migration has been Matt’s specialty, he also travels to see the world and enjoy the company of many current and former students from GRCC’s biodiversity classes, Biology 153 and 154.

We all have a great opportunity to see some of Matt’s adventures tomorrow (yes, tomorrow!), Monday, November 18 from 2-3pm in 333 Calkins where Matt will present a feast of information and images from his travels to Costa Rica, Panama, and Tanzania – butterflies and giraffes and elephants, oh my!

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