Mighty Minutes

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Minutes for the September 26 Faculty Council meeting are now available under the “Member Resources” tab at the top of the page – a mighty document with a lot of useful information.

What’s included?

  • Bereavement leave for adjunct faculty
  • A list of start up concerns for Fall semester – check your pay advice for accuracy!
  • Concerns over the Summer 2105 calendar
  • Discussion of the overload rotation process and class assignments

Adjunct Representation
The Faculty Association also represents over 500 adjunct faculty.  As a reminder, your department has a council representative that you can go to for questions regarding the contract.  Additionally, there is a representative for each school.  We are happy to welcome Kelly Keur, the School of Arts and Sciences at large Adjunct Representative.  Kelly joins Marty Hillard, who is the School of Workforce Development at large Adjunct Representative.  Both Kelly and Marty are available to you, in addition to Mike Miller who is heading up adjunct concerns with the help of Fred and Jeff this academic year.  Feel free to contact any Council representative if you have questions or concerns.

Mike Miller – mmiller@grcc.edu
Marty Hillard – School of Workforce Development – mhillard@grcc.edu
Kelly Keur – School of Arts and Sciences – kkeur@grcc.edu

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