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Are we sailors, sighting a far-off island?

No, LAND is the Liberal Arts Network for Development, an organization dedicated to promoting the development of the liberal arts in Michigan’s community college.

GRCC is sponsoring the 2015 LAND Conference, scheduled for February 13-14, 2015 at the Riverfront Hotel in Grand Rapids.  The conference is coordinated by English Department faculty Jim Hayes.

The 2015 conference will feature lightning talks given by faculty, administrators, and students.  Awards will be given for the best presentations.  A new pricing structure also makes it less expensive to attend the entire conference: $50 for full time faculty, staff, and administrators and $25 for adjunct faculty, part-time staff members and administrators, and graduate students.  Community college students traveling with their mentors can attend the conference for free.

The LAND Student Scholars Conference will take place on February 13 where special sessions will be created for faculty and students to interact together.  Winners of the various LAND student competitions will be recognized at the February 13 lunch.

In addition to the Student Scholars competition, LAND will continue to host competitions in writing, illustration, fine arts, and digital literacy.  The deadline for entry to all competitions is December 8, 2014, which is also the deadline for nominations for the LAND Institution Award.

Additional information about the 2015 conference and the various competitions can be found at the newly updated LAND website.

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