Faculty Spotlight: Orletta Caldwell

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IMG_2738Orletta Caldwell is a full-time professor in the Business Department. She teaches the Office Administration curriculum, which includes 11 rigorous courses. In addition, she develops the Office Administration Capstone, Project Management, Office, and Business in Technology courses. This year she has worked to include an emotional intelligence aspect to one of her classes. This is an essential skill that everyone needs, but is not often discussed in traditional curriculum. Emotional intelligence is an important trait for Office Administration majors because they encounter so many different personalities. To help students gain an authentic experience using emotional intelligence, Caldwell hosts an etiquette dinner for her BA 125 (Office Ethics and Etiquette) students. During this dinner students engage with other people with whom they may not interact on a daily basis. Students are required to serve as table hosts, engage in conversation, and maintain professionalism. It continues to be a wonderful learning experience for students as well as an opportunity for them to connect with the GRCC community, including Dr. Steve Ender, President, Dr. Bill Pink, Vice President, and other Deans, faculty members, and staff. Caldwell’s students truly value her as a teacher.

Caldwell was recently appointed as the Athletic Director for Grand Rapids Community College and has gracefully managed to meet and exceed the responsibilities required in addition to her course load. This position includes responsibilities such as budgeting, attending professional development, managing and hiring support staff, and attending GRCC sporting events, just to name a few. The aspect of the position that Caldwell enjoys the most is interacting with student athletes. She states, “I love my student athletes. They are dedicated to their team and sport, while having to carry academic responsibilities that can be quite challenging…they make the long hours worth it.”

Caldwell also serves on the Strategic Leadership Team and is a representative for the Academic Governing Council. She continues to rave about GRCC and the resources that the college provides to students as well as its’ faculty members. All who know her echo the words of her students, “…she is a great teacher, who is truly committed to her students. We are lucky to have her.”


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