Adjunct Faculty Spotlight: Nefertiti Williams

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Nefertiti Williams has been an adjunct faculty member in the Mathematics Department at GRCC for five years.  She primarily teaches the Academic Nefertiti WilliamsFoundation courses Math 095/096/097, which are Basic Math Review and Pre-Algebra. Additionally, to help students who struggle, she is working with her colleagues in the math department to develop “mini labs” which are “hands activities” to help students get a better conceptual understanding of the more challenging topics covered in class.

When Ms. Williams isn’t preparing students for the academic challenges that lay ahead, she enjoys being physically active.  She plays adult recreational softball, both women’s and co-ed.  Last summer her women’s slow pitch softball team placed first in the Class E MASA (Michigan Amateur Softball Association).

She also likes working out and has competed in local Bodybuilding and Figure competitions in the past.  Her downtime is spent with her family or creating jewelry.

Nefertiti Williams is passionate about what she does:  “I love helping my students learn. I love helping my students come to the realization that they can learn math.”


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