Faculty Council seeking more Adjunct Representatives

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Greetings, GRCC Adjunct –
With the newest revision of the Faculty Association Bylaws, Faculty Council now includes five adjunct as members of this group. This expanded configuration includes two representatives from the School of Arts and Sciences, two from the School of Workforce Development, and one non-classroom adjunct.
While the specific duties of a representative are outlined in the Faculty Association Bylaws, the general expectations of a representative is to attend Faculty Council meetings every other Friday morning from 6:30 – 9:00 acting as the voice of adjunct faculty. Each member has voting rights and contributes directly to the decision making and actions of the Faculty Association.
Adjunct representatives to council are voted in by their peers. To be elected as a representative, a current adjunct must be a voting member of the Grand Rapids Community College Faculty Association.
If you are interested in running for one of these positions, please contact the Faculty Association secretary, Katie Vander Meer at KVandermeer@grcc.edu. Please include which school you would represent based on your duties as an adjunct and a brief profile.
Also, if you have questions about this role, please feel free to contact me, or adjuncts who have performed this role in the past, Martin Hillard at mhillard@grcc.eduor Mike Miller at mmiller@grcc.edu.
We hope you consider performing in this role. The Faculty Association is only as good as the members that actively participate in its daily operation.

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