Before 1965, a Faculty Advisory Committee (1956-1959) and a Faculty Advisory Council (1959-1966), both led by a chairman, represented GRCC faculty.  At that time, the Grand Rapids Public Schools Board of Education operated the Grand Rapids Junior College.

The Faculty Council of the Grand Rapids Junior College was established in 1965 and was in full operation by September 1966.

In these early days, eleven Faculty Council officers and representatives, along with various committee chairs, discussed issues confronting faculty and the instruction of students.  The officers, department representatives, and chairs met in various rooms within the Y.M.C.A. building at the corner of Library Plaza and Library Street.

On August 15, 1974, the Faculty Council name changed to the Faculty Association of the Grand Rapids Junior College.

Kent County voters set a new direction for Grand Rapids Junior College on February 5, 1991 when GRCC separated from the Grand Rapids Public Schools K-12 district, broadened its district borders, and became Grand Rapids Community College.  “Vision ’96: The Five Year Plan 1991-1996” began a new approach to serving students and the community while continuing the tradition of academic excellence begun by Grand Rapids Junior College in 1914.

First Officers of the Faculty Council of Grand Rapids Junior College – 1966
Chair – Charles Chanter
Vice-Chair – Jack Van Aartsen
Secretary – Art Hutchinson
Treasurer – Carl Hoffman
Chief Negotiator – Roland Lubbinge

First Officers of the Grand Rapids Community College Faculty Association – 1991
President – Thomas Hofmann
Vice President – Michael Kasperlik
Secretary – Elaine Vandermeulen
Treasurer – Richard Godfrey
Chief Negotiator – Richard Godfrey

This brief history of the GRCC Faculty Association was compiled by Anita Cook, Association Archivist

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