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Faculty Council Minutes – 2/14/14

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Minutes from the Valentine’s Day meeting of the Faculty Council are available under the Member Resources link!

Highlights include:

  • Resolution of the grievance regarding evaluation of non-classroom faculty
  • Discussion of the new evaluation system and how it’s working – concerns over faculty evaluating peers
  • Release of information from the IRS regarding calculation of adjunct hours for health care considerations

Food for Thought

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We all know that GRCC, like many community colleges, has a large population of adjunct instructors and that adjuncts often do not receive the same benefits as full-time instructors.

Here are a couple of recent articles regarding adjuncts in higher education for your consideration.  Should adjuncts be paid more?  What benefits, if any, should adjuncts receive from their employers?  Thoughts to ponder…

Adjunct Info Update

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From Mike Miller, Adjunct Representative for the School of Arts and Sciences:

Hello all, as your adjunct representative for the School of Arts & Sciences I am writing to update you on some of the discussions we’ve been having at our Faculty Association meetings.

One of the first points of the semester was addressing why we wait so long for our first paychecks.  The answer is one that involves how all overload pay – including full time faculty – is assigned and then put into the payroll system software.  In short, it can’t make the first pay date.  However, I am planning on re-visiting this later as I think this deserves a better answer.

Most of our time has been discussing the POSSIBLE creation of non-tenure teaching positions at our institution.  Because this is still in a discussion and negotiation stage there is no concrete information to share.  However, if you wish to send me your opinion on such a position please do so.

We think the administration’s idea of the position is to off-set the effects of the Affordable Healthcare Act as some adjuncts (depending on teaching load) will be eligible for benefits.  We still have no concrete answer as to what number of credits one teaches in a semester would qualify an adjunct for benefits.  Thus, it is hard to discuss who this might affect until the IRS sets that number.

The moment any of these situations become clear to discuss concrete details I will share the information.

We dealt with pay, benefits, contractual obligations, and working conditions.  If you have any questions in these areas please let me know and I will bring them to Council.  Tomorrow we will talk about Blackboard.  I am sure you may have been affected by Blackboard over the last few weeks, especially on-line instructors.  There has been a recent fix to solve this, however if you experienced anything other than slowness or connectivity issues, please send them to me and I will bring them to the next meeting.