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And Now…The Minutes

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Latest Faculty Council minutes are up!  Find them under the Member Resources menu above.

What’s there to read?

  • Skillport Training: The deadline for the Ethics module is November 13.  Adjunct and full time faculty are advised to wait to do it until it is resolved through negotiations or the grievance process.
  • Possible Scholarship Creation:  Update from the FA Scholarship committee and active survey at
  • The Educational Support Professionals (ESP) group has filed an unfair labor charge with the Michigan Employment Relations Commission (MERC) against the College.

For all the details, you guessed it – read the minutes!


One More Minute

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Thanks to the hard work of association secretary Katie VanderMeer, the latest minutes are now available – only four days after the meeting.  Three cheers for Katie!

What’s the hot news?

  • A Memo of Understanding will be signed regarding Summer 2015 schedule.  See minutes for some specifics but wait for direction soon from your Deans.
  • The overload rotation and adjunct assignment of classes is explained, per our contract language.
  • A motion was made and passed that the Faculty Council endorse Debra Bailey and Mike Paskewicz for GRCC’s Board of Trustees
  • The Salary schedule agreement is attached.  You can use this to find what years you can move up in rank.  If you have questions, contact Jim Fox in HR.

For all the details, see the full minutes under the Member Resources tab!

Latest Minutes!

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Minutes from the last Faculty Council meeting, held on October 10, 2014, are available under the “Member Resources” menu at the top of the page.

What’s in the minutes?

  • FPE privacy and evaluation concerns
  • Many full-time faculty still have the ability to earn longevity training pay
  • Discussion on Summer 2015 calendar
  • Required SkillPort training discussion

Discussion items regarding overload rotation and adjunct assignments as well as section management (early cancellation of classes) is being continued to future meetings.

Want details?  Read the full minutes!

Mighty Minutes

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Minutes for the September 26 Faculty Council meeting are now available under the “Member Resources” tab at the top of the page – a mighty document with a lot of useful information.

What’s included?

  • Bereavement leave for adjunct faculty
  • A list of start up concerns for Fall semester – check your pay advice for accuracy!
  • Concerns over the Summer 2105 calendar
  • Discussion of the overload rotation process and class assignments

Adjunct Representation
The Faculty Association also represents over 500 adjunct faculty.  As a reminder, your department has a council representative that you can go to for questions regarding the contract.  Additionally, there is a representative for each school.  We are happy to welcome Kelly Keur, the School of Arts and Sciences at large Adjunct Representative.  Kelly joins Marty Hillard, who is the School of Workforce Development at large Adjunct Representative.  Both Kelly and Marty are available to you, in addition to Mike Miller who is heading up adjunct concerns with the help of Fred and Jeff this academic year.  Feel free to contact any Council representative if you have questions or concerns.

Mike Miller –
Marty Hillard – School of Workforce Development –
Kelly Keur – School of Arts and Sciences –

And Now, Time for the Minutes!

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Minutes from the September 12 Faculty Council Meeting are available here under the Member Resources tab.

Hot topics at the meeting:

  • VERP Rumors
  • Senate Bills 722-728 and your future retirement
  • ESP group possibly leaving the MEA, putting MESSA in question
  • Committee reports and the need for more faculty to participate
  • And much, much more!  Read now!

End of Year Faculty Association Meeting

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Faculty Association meeting next week Friday, May 2 at 10am – Music Building, Second Floor Recital Hall.

All GRCC faculty are invited to attend!  Adjunct faculty, this means YOU – there will be discussion of the proposed new adjunct faculty representation on the Faculty Council.  Come and let your voice be heard!

Meeting notice and agenda: Faculty Association agenda 5-2-2014

As usual, coffee and donuts will be provided, just in time to get ready for bathing suit season!

Faculty Council Minutes

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Minutes from the April 11 Faculty Council meeting are available under the Member Resources link.

Highlights include:

  • Publication of the new contract is progressing!  The first draft has been sent to administration for approval and signatures.  Many thanks to everyone who gave time to the proofreading process!
  • Budget & dues proposals for 2014-15
  • Discussion of the proposed Adjunct Representative council position
  • Discussion of the intent of the administration to keep non-tenure employees under the 30 hour cap to avoid offering health coverage under the ACA